There are some things in life that you just need to work. Your jaw and your teeth are definitely members of that crowd! They allow you to eat, drink, talk, and more, and when they experience troubles, it can make the most basic activities next to impossible. Generally, dental issues start small and develop over time, which can make it difficult for people to realize that intervention is really necessary. Everything seems mostly fine, and there are always other expenses to be covered, so orthodontia can end up on a back burner. Unfortunately, this can set you up for expensive, painful dental issues later on.

At Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics, we understand that braces or other orthodontic treatments can be daunting. That is why we work hard to educate our patients and go the extra mile to make sure cost, payment plan, and treatment type work together for great results. In today’s blog, we want to dive into some common myths that can prevent people from getting the orthodontic treatment they need.

Common Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

A large part of our mission is education. We’re passionate not just about providing care, but helping our patients and our community understand how to best care for their teeth. Check out some of the most common myths we encounter at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics.

MYTH: When you have alignment issues, braces are your only solution.

  • Fact: While braces are the most common alignment treatment, they are far from the only option. There are many alternatives available today, including Invisalign. If you don’t think braces are going to be the best solution for you, we would love to meet and talk about the other possibilities. Don’t write off orthodontic treatment simply because you don’t want braces!

MYTH: Braces only work if they hurt.

  • Fact: Aching teeth, raw cheeks, and an irritated tongue — all of these are discomforts usually associated with getting braces. However, braces have come a long, long way. Modern materials and design improvements make braces far more comfortable than they used to be. Of course, it is normal to feel some discomfort right after an adjustment, but the discomfort should fade quickly.

MYTH: You can change out one orthodontist for another.

  • Fact: If you feel like you need to change doctors, you are absolutely free to do so at any time. Keep in mind that each orthodontist handles treatment differently. You usually get the best results when you stick with one orthodontist. We plan your treatment from beginning to end before getting started, and a new orthodontist may not be able to seamlessly keep your treatment moving in an effective direction. Take your time and do your homework to select an orthodontist you think you can commit to for full treatment.

MYTH: Having any amount of overbite is bad.

  • Fact: When it comes to an overbite, many people assume that it is as bad as an underbite. In fact, a little bit of an overbite can be a good thing. It can protect your front teeth from wearing down by reducing friction. At Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics, we carefully assess the state of your bite and do everything to ensure you get the best results possible.

MYTH: Braces create permanent results.

  • Fact: Misaligned teeth end up that way because of natural forces that come into play throughout patients’ lives. This means that braces can correct your teeth for a while, but once they come off, the results need to be actively reinforced. We usually use retainers, which can be worn at night and make a huge difference in helping you maintain your beautiful, healthy smile.

MYTH: An orthodontist can guarantee the date I’ll get my braces off.

  • Fact: We will always estimate a braces removal date so you understand how long your treatment will take. However, it truly is an estimate and only an estimate. Several factors can shorten or lengthen your treatment time, so don’t base your hopes on a certain date. It cannot be set in stone.

MYTH: Braces deliver visible results immediately.

  • Fact: The minute braces go on, they start to make a difference. However, you’ll feel the difference more than you see it for a while. Braces are a gradual treatment, and it may be necessary for spaces to show up mid-treatment, depending on the treatment plan. When the braces come off and you see how issue-free your teeth are, you will be amazed!

MYTH: Braces have to be changed constantly.

  • Fact: This might have been true 20 years ago, but today’s braces are much more advanced. Modern braces need to be adjusted occasionally, which makes them more convenient.

MYTH: My alignment issues are all caused by my wisdom teeth.

  • Fact: Ah, wisdom teeth. They can cause a bunch of issues, which is why people so commonly get them removed. However, there is no proof that wisdom teeth cause people to need braces. There are many more factors than that.

MYTH: If braces aren’t tight, they won’t work.

  • Fact: Though many people think that, the tighter the braces are, the faster they work, and the sooner they can be removed, it isn’t true. Actually, braces that are too tight can cause problems and won’t make your treatment any faster. You should be able to floss between your teeth at all times throughout your treatment!

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