In our last post, titled Nearly 50 Years Of Reliable Orthodontic Care In Augusta, we took the opportunity to list a few notable historical events that have taken place since our founding some 45 years ago in 1973. There is no shortage of world events to choose from, what with the dawn of the internet, the Cold War ending, and J.K. Rowling publishing the first of many incredible Harry Potter books in 1997!

As interesting as it is to think about what has come and passed in the last half-century, the ultimate point of our listing historical events was to convey the fact that we’ve been around for a while here at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics. For nearly fifty years, we’ve been providing patients in Thomson, Augusta, and beyond with reliable and high-quality orthodontic services. We are of the opinion that for any kind of organization to last for over four decades, it’s a good sign they are doing something right!

Now that we are done singing our own praises just a bit, it’s time we get to the meat and potatoes of today’s post — highlighting the orthodontic treatments we offer at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics — as the title of this blog no doubt already gave away!

If you are interested in learning what kind of orthodontia services are offered by the best family orthodontist in Augusta, keep reading! This post is for you.

Orthodontic Treatments

Before we dive too far into the details of each orthodontic treatment and service we offer, we want you to know that it’s never too late to get orthodontic treatment; it’s not just children who often need orthodontic care. Each of our patients is unique and is on their own journey toward oral health. There are numerous paths to straight and healthy teeth, and we will always be willing to tailor our treatment to each one of our patient’s special needs. Whether you are looking into adult braces, braces for kids, or otherwise, we have the experience and passion to help!

Early Treatment

If you have been looking for a family orthodontist or researching braces for kids, you likely already know that early orthodontic treatment is typically the best route in order to the develop the jaq size to accommodate incoming permanent teeth. If children show early signs of a crowded jaw (or another kind of jaw growth problem), they are probably candidates for early orthodontic treatment to ensure best long-term results. It’s best practice to begin treatment between ages seven to nine before all permanent teeth have emerged.

Dr. Andrews and all of our staff love working with children; we make sure they feel comfortable and informed about what kind of care they’ll be receiving from us! Dr. Andrews is dedicated to reducing treatment time as much as possible, in addition to eliminating the extraction of permanent teeth whenever possible. Our primary goal is to help create a balanced face with a broad, healthy smile!

Adult Treatment

You might be considering whether adult braces are right for you. Did you know that 25 percent of our patients are adults? We tailor our treatment to not only improve the health and appearance of your teeth, but to make sure your gum health is in good order as well. We have a wide selection of braces, meaning that you are sure to be set up with the braces that best meet your needs. Whether that means traditional metal braces, clear aligners, or ceramic braces are the right option for you, we’ll make sure you are completely informed as we work to correct misaligned teeth. You can expect results when you walk through our doors, so we don’t ever want adults to think it’s too late to achieve the most beautiful and healthy smile of your life!

Types of Braces

Speaking of braces, we offer four primary types of affordable braces here at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics: Metal Braces; Ceramic Braces; The Invisalign® System; Invisalign Teen™.

  • Metal Braces – The most common kind of braces you’ll see, the metal braces we offer are made of durable, high-quality stainless steel. Metal braces are bonded to the front of each tooth and are connected together with the archwire. This ensures that the teeth in question will be guided into healthy positions over time. Modern metal braces are much more comfortable, attractive, and smaller than those of the past.
  • Ceramic Braces – Ceramic braces, in fact, work just as well and efficiently as metal braces do. The main difference is that ceramic braces are clear and are therefore less easily noticed. Because of their cosmetic appeal, ceramic braces are a popular choice for adults getting braces. However, we would advise our patients to be aware that ceramic brackets are more fragile than the metal alternatives.
  • The Invisalign® System – Invisalign® offers a system of clear overlay templates referred to as aligners. Generated through the power of computer simulation, this innovative treatment gradually moves the teeth. Candidates are typically patients who have a specific orthodontic bite problem.
  • Invisalign Teen® – This system has been developed by professionals, parents, and teens themselves in order to custom-design a type of braces that is perfect for the unique needs of teenagers. How so? Namely, there’s a Blue Dot Wear Indicator that shows just how long an aligner has been worn for, so that the teenage patient can stay on top of their oral care. There are more features and benefits to the Invisalign Teen®, so don’t hesitate to ask us about it! You can also learn more by reading our dedicated resource, linked above.

Orthodontic Appliances

We offer a range of expansion appliances in order to increase jaw width so that our patients can achieve beautifully balanced smiles. Expansion appliances also help reduce the likelihood of having to extract permanent teeth down the road. We offer a variety of expansion appliances, holding appliances, habit appliances, headgear, and Herbst appliances. For the purposes of this blog, we don’t get into the details — just be aware that we provide you with whatever equipment and appliance your situation requires!

Dental Retainers & Retention

The final orthodontic treatment we’d like to highlight in today’s post is that we offer dental retainers and retention services, as you might expect. And while every orthodontist worth their salt will certainly provide dental retainers, we make a point to empower our patients to think of their orthodontic treatment as an investment. We believe that regardless of your age, you should know that wearing your dental retainer is an integral part of maintaining the results you achieve through braces or other orthodontic treatment. We want to make sure your smile stays beautiful and healthy, forever!

We’ve been providing handmade smiles since 1973. With locations in Augusta and Thomson, we are never too far away! Contact us today to get started.