What are the most common orthodontic problems out there, and are we able to help patients who are faced with dealing with them? The answer to the latter of these questions is a resounding “yes.” We at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics are proud of the wide range of high-quality orthodontic services we provide here at Augusta and Thomson’s best orthodontist center.

We offer over four decades of experience. Combine that expertise with our passion for bringing healthy, radiant smiles to our patients, and you have the recipe for a great place to solve whatever orthodontic needs you might be personally encountering!

The remainder of today’s post concerns answering the question we posed above; we will highlight the most common orthodontic problems both children and adults face while letting you know what typical treatment might look like for situations such as these. If you are interested in educating yourself about orthodontia while learning what Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics can do for you, read on!

The Most Common Orthodontic Problems

  • Underbite – You might hear your orthodontist call it a prognathic lower jaw, but most of us call the case of the upper teeth are behind the lower teeth an underbite in passing. These cases should be treated at a young age whenever possible, and treatment typically includes a reverse-pull headgear. Some patients will still need surgery, if the problem should persist.
  • Openbite – When the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap, it’s called an openbite. Openbites inhibit proper chewing and might even cause bad habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. Again, early intervention is key to effectively treating this issue.
  • Pegged Tooth/Implant – This is when lateral incisor takes the shape of a peg, typically when the upper front teeth have not properly developed. Treatment options include replacing the tooth with an implant, extraction, or covering the tooth with a veneer or crown.
  • Cleft Palate – Our practice has considerable experience treating patients with cleft palates. The treatment usually involves expanding the palate to the desired width before bone grafting. It’s a multi-stage process that includes collaborating with a general dentist, oral surgeon, and a plastic surgeon. We’ve found that the results from such a treatment to be overwhelmingly rewarding for both our patients and staff!
  • Cuspid Treatment – A cuspid treatment might be recommended if there is an upper lateral incisor missing. This could include moving the upper cuspid forward, placing an implant and a crown in the void, or bridging the area in some way.
  • Impacted Cuspid – One of the most common orthodontic issues encountered, treatment for this kind of situation includes moving the tooth into the arch with the uses of orthodontic techniques. Given modern techniques and innovation, alignment is nearly always the eventual outcome.
  • Crossbite – A crossbite is characterized by upper teeth sitting inside the lower teeth. This can lead to incorrect jaw growth alongside tooth stratification. But more generally, it’s difficult for individuals with crossbites to refrain from moving their lower jaw forward or to the side when attempting to close their mouth. When it becomes habitual, such an incorrect bite can cause facial asymmetry. Don’t worry; we are more than capable of addressing these needs at our Augusta orthodontist practice!
  • Third Molar – When third molars, or wisdom teeth, don’t have enough room to grow in, they’ll need to be extracted. This usually happens between the ages of 14 and 21. However, it’s sometimes recommended to get your wisdom teeth pulled prior to the roots developing as it usually makes the procedure less difficult.

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