Welcome back to the one and only Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics blog! We’ve covered quite a bit of ground in our most recent blogs, from outlining what you can expect from your first visit to our local orthodontia office to providing helpful tips about living with braces, caring for your retainer, and even picking the right orthodontist in the first place!

Our primary goal is to be practically beneficial to our readers, prospective patients, and current patients alike. While not every post might be tailored to your particular questions, we hope that our body of work will serve as a useful tool, no matter if you are living with a dental appliance for the first time or you are a parent who needs a reliable pediatric orthodontist in Augusta, Thomson, and elsewhere in Georgia!

Fun Facts about Orthodontics

That being said, we’d like to shift the proverbial gears in today’s blog, putting the practicality on hold for a single post in favor of something a bit more entertaining! As the title already gave away, today’s blog is all about listing some little-known, perhaps surprising, and almost certainly interesting facts related to dental and orthodontic care. If you are looking for a little dental-themed levity, this is the blog post for you, so keep reading!

  • Braces are older than our country – Assuming our readers are American, you might be surprised to find out that the invention of braces precedes the founding of the United States! While many would be apt to believe that braces are an invention of modernity, they actually date back to 1728 — predating the revolution altogether!
  • The difference between orthodontists and dentists? All orthodontists are dentists, yet only roughly 6 percent of all dentists are orthodontists. The more you know…
  • Braces and magnetism – Despite what some old wives around Georgia might tell you, braces are definitely NOT magnetic. They don’t set off metal detectors, they don’t pick up radio signals, and wearing braces absolutely do not increase the odds that the wearer will be hit by lightning.
  • Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics has been making handmade smiles since 1973, by providing reliable and affordable orthodontic services in Augusta and Thomson! (Sorry, we had to throw this one in. After all, it is our blog).
  • Let’s talk about teeth – Do you know why dental records are so important in the identification process of homicidal investigations? It’s because the way your teeth are arranged is just as unique as a fingerprint — so it’s not just Hollywood making it up! On a less macabre note, it’s nice to know that no one in the world has a smile like yours!
  • On a significantly more macabre note, the average tube of toothpaste has enough fluoride to seriously harm or even kill a child. That’s why it’s important to encourage your little tyke to always spit out their toothpaste after brushing.
  • Women smile more often than men. Children laugh approximately 26 times more often than an adult, and we think that’s kind of sad here at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics. Maybe adults could use some orthodontic treatment to give them the confidence to smile more often. If so, you know how to get in touch with us!
  • Before the invention of braces, in 1728, early orthodontia was naturally more rudimentary than what we have to offer in 2019. The earliest written records of dental care that concerned the overcrowding of teeth date back to 3,000 years ago. The instruments used to correct overcrowding were, as you can imagine, fairly crude by our contemporary standards. For example, the Egyptians wrapped mummies with metal bands wrapped around individual teeth. Closer to 2,000 years ago, Greece and Rome began to experiment with more innovative methods of treating irregular teeth.
  • Dried fruit is patently awful for your teeth. It’s worse than normal fruit because the drying process activates and releases free sugars which eventually will contribute to the plaque build up on your teeth. Remember, boys and girls, don’t let that plaque build-up become tartar (calculus)!
  • Speaking of the importance of regular oral care, did you know that 78 percent of Americans have had a cavity by 17 years old? It might be a bit depressing for those of us in our industry, but at the same time it means there is meaningful work to be done. Don’t become a statistic!
  • Failing to floss means you miss a full 40 percent of your teeth’s surface area. While many of us need several reminders to floss even once a week, it’s fairly striking to learn just how much of our teeth’s surface area we are missing when we fail to floss. Don’t fail!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s change of pace. If you are in need of professional orthodontic services, don’t hesitate to contact our local orthodontist at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics. We’d love to hear from you and make sure you achieve the most radiant smile you have ever had!