We like to offer tips, especially practically helpful tips that will make the lives of our patients better. In our last post, little-known facts about orthodontic & dental care, we took the opportunity to blend a few of the aforementioned helpful tips with some entertaining and interesting ones as well. For example, did you know that braces were invented before the United States was founded? Did you know that over three-quarters of Americans have a cavity before the age of 17? Did you know that all orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists?

You see, this is why you need to keep reading our blog. Without information like this, you wouldn’t know that dried fruits are patently terrible for your teeth due to the drying process activating the release of excess sugars. You wouldn’t know that Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics has been making handmade smiles since 1973, either!

You also wouldn’t know that we treat our patients with the utmost in care and precision, putting our decades’ worth of experience to good use for you. That’s why we have over 50 reviews on Google with a 4.8-star rating! We are confident you won’t find many other orthodontists in the Augusta region with such an outstanding reputation.

As KWill, a Google Local Guide, put so well in their five-star review of Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics, they highlighted what exactly it is that sets us apart from other orthodontists in the Augusta and Thomson regions:

Phenomenal establishment….this was a consultation for us and my son and I were blown away when we round the corner of the building. The homey, welcome vibes extended throughout the facility.  The staff were extremely friendly and a joy to be around. The online paperwork was awesome since I didn’t have to hand write multiple forms upon arrival. I certainly wish they provide standard dental care as well.  I truly do recommend them and look forward to our future together.” – Google Reviews

We conveniently provide online paperwork for you to fill out prior to your visit, as this kind reviewer noted, but we’d also like to address their desire to get standard dental services at our Augusta orthodontist office. We can certainly understand the sentiment, and while we appreciate the thought, we want to focus exclusively on orthodontic services at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics. That way, we can provide truly exceptional orthodontic treatments and services for our patients. After all, at the end of the day that’s the most important thing.

Oral Care Tips

Now, it’s time to get to the promised blog topic — oral health care tips of all sorts! Forgive us for the preamble, we tend to get a bit carried away when we start talking about our commitment to providing outstanding orthodontic services in Augusta and Thomson. So, without further ado, let’s list off some oral health care tips that you will find useful! Some might seem basic, while other tips you might have never heard before. Either way, enjoy!

  • Brush Your Teeth Before Bed – While we are sure a good portion of our readers will think this tip is beyond obvious, others might need the reminder. We all know we should do it, but so often we hear about people who don’t think it’s important unless you are sharing a bed with someone else who doesn’t need your bad breath wafting toward them. Even if you have already brushed your teeth the “minimum” of two times that day, brushing your teeth before bed is crucial to remove bacteria and the subsequent plaque they can cause. Otherwise, you are turning your mouth into a veritable breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to future dental problems in no time at all!
  • The Tongue Needs Some Love – Speaking of plaque, it’s vital to include it in your regular tooth-brushing routine because plaque can actually build on your tongue as well. Naturally, this leads to bad breath, but it can also lead to the kind of oral health problems we referred to above. So, don’t forget to brush your tongue
  • Don’t Brush Your Teeth Too Forcefully – In our experience, there’s far too many people we encounter who brush their teeth too forcefully. Perhaps they do this because they are in a rush or because they don’t know any better and brushing “harder” equates to brushing better. This is not the case because doing so bends the brushes back so they are unable to scrape the plaque away from your teeth. Instead, brush gently and slowly, making sure you cover the base of the tooth — even though it’s hard to reach for certain teeth.

  • Brush Correctly – We couldn’t go an entire blog without addressing this in more significant detail. In addition to gently brushing with full coverage, it’s important to ensure your toothbrush is properly angled at 45 degrees. For the inner-tooth surfaces, use the tip of your brush to get those difficult-to-reach spots. For your lower front teeth’s inner surface, adjust your brush to brush vertically to make sure you get all the way down to the gums. These areas can be tough to get at, so take your time and make sure you do a good job!
  • Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol Or Sugary Drink – And while we are thinking about it, stay away from tobacco too, in case you’ve been living under a rock your entire life. Not only will doing so dramatically reduce your chances of contracting oral cancer, but smokers often attempt to cover up the foul odor by effectively “doubling down” and consuming sweet drinks, coffee, or tea. We aren’t comparing those drinks to smoking, for the record, but our point is that the negative impacts of tobacco don’t need any encouragement. Instead of regularly consuming alcoholic or sugary beverages, do your best to drink more water. If you need further justification to do so, the aforementioned beverages contain phosphorus, an important mineral worth consuming in moderation, but too much of it will lead to a calcium deficiency. As most all of us know, calcium helps promote strong bones, so don’t tempt fate, and drink more water!
  • Visit Your Dentist! – The final tip we will offer up is that you need to regularly visit your dentist, as we are sure our readers have been told before — usually by dentists! But it’s true; you need to visit your dentist at least twice per year to get a comprehensive cleaning which regular tooth-brushing simply doesn’t accomplish. What’s more, you’ll get dental x-rays taken to make sure there are no structural problems with your teeth. There are many other reasons to go see a dentist, but that’s all we have time for in today’s blog!

Visit Your Augusta & Thomson Orthodontist

Because we were only scratching the surface of all we wanted to cover, we’ll go ahead and turn this blog into a two-part series! That said, make sure you keep an eye out for part two in the near future, where we will get more in-depth with our oral care tips. After all, we didn’t even get to the flossing portion yet!

In the meantime, if you are looking for a reliable orthodontist in Augusta or Thomson, we’d love to see you walk through our doors at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics. Get excellent orthodontic treatment in a caring environment!