Welcome to Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics! Today’s post is exclusively dedicated to new orthodontic care patients. No matter what age you might be, there are folks all around the country (and world) who are just like you — about to go to their very first orthodontic appointment. Some might be looking forward to it because it means they will receive the orthodontic care which leads to improved oral health and a glowing smile! Others, on the other hand, might be feeling somewhat apprehensive about the prospect of receiving dental treatment from their local orthodontist.

While both feelings are understandable (as is a mix of both), we want to briefly describe what you can expect when you visit either one of our orthodontic offices in Augusta and Thomson, GA.

Nervous? You Aren’t Alone

Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s blog, we want to express something to those of our readers who are feeling nervous about the prospect of seeing the orthodontist for the first time — you aren’t alone and this is a very common feeling. Many of our patients feel a bit anxious upon first visiting us. Again, this is normal, what with the novel setting filled with technical equipment and strangers examining your open mouth.

At Rogers & Andrews, our goal is to not remain strangers for long. We have a compassionate, friendly team who are dedicated to doing everything they can to put you at ease while providing you with world-class orthodontic treatments.

Since 1973, we’ve been crafting handmade smiles, so allow us a few words that we hope you’ll find useful and reassuring, irrespective of how old you are!

Your First Visit To The Orthodontist

Your first visit includes a consultation, record gathering, and potentially an appliance placement, depending on your unique needs. We discuss each in a bit more detail below:

  • The Consultation – While each patient we treat is different in terms of schedule and treatment, the consultation will always be free at Rogers & Andrews for all orthodontic treatment (that’s called a perk!). Whenever you have your consultation with us, we’ll show you around the office, discuss payment and what works well for you, alongside examining your teeth to determine what kind of orthodontic care you’ll need.
  • Record Gathering – A fundamental and integral component of our process is to gather diagnostic records for each patient we treat. This way, we can view your progress over time. We’ll take photographs, models, and x-rays to make sure our orthodontic services are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Appliance Placement – If the case arises where we are able to provide you with the appropriate appliance, we’ll carefully apply it on the spot! We make sure you have a full understanding as to your treatment plant, justification of your appliance, along with all maintenance and cleaning instructions to boot!

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Visit our Patient Forms page to print out your new patient forms and bring them with you to your appointment at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics. We’d love to hear from you, get to know you, and be a part of your achieving the most radiant smile you’ve ever had! Schedule your appointment today.