“The staff at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics is both helpful and friendly. They treated my mom, brothers, and my sisters, and we are all incredibly pleased! We’re constantly being complimented on our smiles thanks to them!” – Lakelynn, Testimonial

No matter what age you are, going to a local orthodontist for the first can be somewhat of a daunting prospect. It’s a foreign environment, you probably came alone, and you aren’t sure what kind of treatment you’ll need to receive. Plus, you might have the most experienced and highly-recommended orthodontist in Augusta and the surrounding area — but it doesn’t mean much if they don’t treat you well.

Well, if you were to browse our website, the first thing you might find is that we tell you straight away that we provide exceptional orthodontic services by offering excellent treatment in a caring environment. This is our practice goal, starting with the experienced Dr. Andrews and extending to the rest of our staff here at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics. Since 1973, we’ve been providing our patients with handmade smiles. Dr. Andrews and our entire staff is dedicated to ensuring that each patient’s orthodontic treatment is successful by combining our experience with harnessing the power of modern technology. On top of this, we personally see to make sure that every patient we have stays up to date and on track with their treatment plans. We are orthodontic specialists that have treated over 15,000 patients and over 100 dental family members in Augusta, Thomson, and the CSRA. At the end of the day, we offer compassionate and individualized orthodontic treatment, keeping you informed and at ease throughout your time with us. That’s why adults and children alike love calling Rogers & Andrews the top orthodontist around!

Your First Trip to Our Augusta Orthodontist Office

Today’s post, as the title already gave away, is about what you can expect at your first visit to Rogers & Andrews Orthodontists. Below you’ll find all you need to know about your first orthodontic appointment with us!

The Consultation

We do our best to work around your schedule. So depending on how things have shaken out with our calendars aligning, you might have already had your consultation. Either way, this orthodontic consultation includes introducing new patients to the office, going over payment processes and what you can expect, along with taking a look at your teeth to determine what kind of care you will need. Choosing our Thomson orthodontist means your consultation is completely free.

Record Gathering

As you might be able to imagine, diagnostic records are integral to the proper process of orthodontic treatment. This means we will need to take photographs, models, and x-rays to ensure that the plan we put in place is refined and right for your individual case.

Appliance Placement

There exists a wide range of orthodontic appliances, from expanders and holders, to habit and Herbst appliances. No matter what kind of orthodontic appliance your treatment requires, we’ll carefully apply it and make sure everything is in order (including your peace of mind). If you have any issues at all, we are only a phone call away.

Orthodontic Treatment for Children & Adults

We provide orthodontic care for patients from ages five to 73! We are able to help you achieve your best smile at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics!

Patient Forms

We’ll help you save time by providing you with all the patient forms you’ll need to print out and complete prior to your appointment.

Come See Us Soon!

If you feel at all nervous about your first orthodontic appointment, don’t worry! We completely understand where you are coming from, and we want you to know that we will do everything in our power to be as professional, compassionate, and friendly as we can! Take the tour of our office before you schedule your first appointment!