Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics is the best orthodontist in August and Thomson. Sure, we are biased, seeing as how this is the official Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics blog, but that doesn’t mean we are wrong! 

Because we undoubtedly have a horse in this race, we are making it our mission in this blog to convince any prospective patients who might be reading this of our many qualities. Yes, there’s a risk that we might be singing our own praises a bit much, but keep in mind that we aren’t tooting our proverbial horns for its own sake, but rather, we simply want people looking for high-quality orthodontic care in August and Thomson to find what they are looking for!

What’s more, we won’t be taking up the entirety of today’s post with a rant about how great we are — although we certainly are tempted to. Instead, we’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite reviews and testimonials we’ve recently received. We figured that you’d probably prefer to hear (or read) what the Rogers & Andrews patient experience is like from patients themselves — a novel concept if there ever was one! 

With that being said, we are very proud to be able to share these reviews with you because they speak to our longstanding commitment to excellence in patient care, which includes comfort, aesthetic concern, and the efficacy of our orthodontic care. Let’s dive in!

Our Experience Has Been Wonderful

Everyone is nice, helpful and courteous. Our family have been with them since 2010 when my husband and I got our braces 2010-2012. LaToya, one of our daughters got her braces in 2017 to 2019. and now Courtney our teenage daughter just got her braces in March. Each time our experience has been wonderful, from addressing our concerns about our teeth to explaining the treatment plan.” – Cynthia M., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Cynthia, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate you taking the time to write this thoughtful review. Plus, you gave us five stars while you were at it! What we enjoyed in particular was that you highlighted our communicativeness, in how we addressed your concerns about your teeth to thoroughly explaining the treatment plan. We make a point to make sure our patients are comfortable and informed, so thanks so much for pointing this out! It means a lot, Cynthia. 

They Really Seem To Love What They Do

This office is amazing. They really seem to love what they do. They even have games and tablets for the kids to play on while they wait. My son looks forward to his appointments!v” – Holli R., Five Stars, Google Reviews

The reason that we seem to love what we do is because we really do love what we do! Now say that sentence five times fast. In all seriousness, Holli, we love this review. It highlights the lengths we’ve gone to in order to make sure children and adults alike feel at home and entertained in our Thomson and Augusta orthodontic offices. It’s amazing that your son is excited to come see us, but we can’t say we are surprised by that fact! Thanks again, Holli. 

“Professional and courteous.  The entire staff treated us like they’ve known us our whole life.  Very friendly and will to work around schedules.” – Gregory U., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Gregory, sometimes a review doesn’t have to be long-winded to get its point across. We appreciate your business, trust, five stars, and brevity! We also appreciate being called professional and courteous — we look forward to addressing any of your family’s future orthodontic needs as well!

We came half way through our son’s treatment as we moved. Rogers & Andrews did such a wonderful job picking right up☺️. Thank you for all your hard work. Isaiah’s smile is perfect.” Jeanette G., Recommendation, Facebook

Jeanette, you are right, Isaiah’s smile really is perfect! We were privileged to be able to provide him with the orthodontic treatments he needed — despite the fact that we picked up where his former orthodontist left off. Thanks for letting us and others know about the quality of orthodontic treatment you received at Rogers & Andrews!

THIS Is What Patient Care Is All About

“I could honestly cry after our experience here today… “happy cry!!” I had several ppl recommend this office as opposed to the one we were seeing. From the second we walked in, we were greeted with smiling faces. When my daughter was called back, Lori took us around to introduce us to the staff and facility. So personal. As a nurse, I just had to say…. THIS! THIS is what patient care is all about. We just signed for her appliance and will be seeing them more frequently now. For the first time, I don’t feel like it’s a burden. Thank you!!!” Amy S., Recommendation, Facebook

We saved the best for last. No offense to any of our other wonderful reviewers or testifiers, if that’s a word, but when you read a review about your business where the writer talks about wanting to cry over your services provided, it’s going to come away with the blue ribbon. 

Amy, firstly we are thrilled that other patients of ours recommended us to you, and secondly we love how you pointed out how personal and friendly we try to make the overall experience. When we hear fellow medical professionals talk about our quality of patient care, it just reminds us why we love doing what we do! Amy, you make us want to cry too!

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