Making the most of your teeth is a good idea. No matter how old you are, you have the chance to give your teeth the best future possible. You may wonder: is it really worth it? Absolutely. Straight teeth not only give you confidence in your smile, they work together better as you chew your food. They don’t wear down in odd ways that lead to dental problems. Basically, straight teeth work the way they were meant to. This fact is what makes us excited to come to work at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics. We are passionate about helping our patients’ teeth work correctly and enhance their quality of life. Contact us in Thomson today!

  1. Oral Health Care Tips: Brushing, Flossing, & Beyond! Part Two

    Welcome back to the blog of Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics! In our last post, we took the opportunity to highlight what it is about our local orthodontist office that sets us apart from other orthodontists in the Augusta and Thomson regions of Georgia. We won’t belabour the point, but we will say you should check out our last blog if you are interested. What’s more, our last post was part o…Read More

  2. Helpful Tips for Living with Braces

    People have mixed feelings about going to the orthodontist, not unlike the prevailing sentiment of getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office. Orthodontic treatment, by contrast, is usually more involved than your average dental appointment, and oftentimes the reason is that there is the dreaded “B Word” involved. Yes, we mean braces. And despite the fact that there are a variety of …Read More

  3. Where You Can Find Orthodontic Treatment in Thomson

    Dr. Andrews became an orthodontist for reasons that many of us at Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics can resonate with — we wanted to help people. Not only did most of us know we wanted to help others from a young age, but we knew we wanted to help people feel good about themselves. Dr. Andrews, a Board Certified Orthodontist, knew very early in life that he wanted to improve the smiles of his pa…Read More

  4. Highlighting the Orthodontic Treatments We Offer

    In our last post, titled Nearly 50 Years Of Reliable Orthodontic Care In Augusta, we took the opportunity to list a few notable historical events that have taken place since our founding some 45 years ago in 1973. There is no shortage of world events to choose from, what with the dawn of the internet, the Cold War ending, and J.K. Rowling publishing the first of many incredible Harry Potter books …Read More

  5. Afraid Of The Orthodontist? Try Some Tips From Your Thomson Orthodontist!

    Whether you are a child or an adult, getting braces, or orthodontic treatment in general, can be something of a stressful business. It seems that, in reality, like many things the anticipation of going to the orthodontist is often worse than the actual experience. In our line of work it’s not uncommon to hear about dental phobias that people have developed, where they find it extremely challengi…Read More

  6. Foods That Make Your Teeth Stronger

    Any time you talk about braces, the conversation always seems to steer toward all the foods you can't have — hard candy, taffy, ice, corn on the cob, popcorn, and chips...the list goes on. We thought we'd take a break from foods that can hurt your teeth while you have braces and talk about foods that are good for your teeth and can be enjoyed while wearing braces! Foods That Make Your Teeth Stro…Read More

  7. Common Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

    There are some things in life that you just need to work. Your jaw and your teeth are definitely members of that crowd! They allow you to eat, drink, talk, and more, and when they experience troubles, it can make the most basic activities next to impossible. Generally, dental issues start small and develop over time, which can make it difficult for people to realize that intervention is really ne…Read More

  8. TMD Basics

    It can be easy to take our bodies for granted: we don't realize how important each part of the body is until one of those parts has trouble. Depending on the issue, basic daily activities can become painful and difficult. As orthodontists, we specialize in the teeth and jaw, so we're very familiar with their most common troubles. Though many clients come to us wanting straight teeth, that's only …Read More

  9. How to Handle Food When You Have Braces

    Getting braces is a pretty significant event, no matter how old you are. Your whole mouth will feel different, and some of your habits will need to change. If you choose traditional braces with metal or plastic brackets, one of the biggest changes you'll face is the foods you can eat. Many of our patients dread learning about all the foods they can't eat. Generally, they already know what they sh…Read More

  10. Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist – Part 1

    Orthodontists should know all about teeth and how they should be treated. A great orthodontist will offer plenty of information and give you opportunities to learn. However, it’s very helpful to know what questions to ask! You don’t want to leave the office and realize you forgot to inquire about part of your treatment. At Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics, we understand that patients get a lo…Read More