Our teeth play an important role in our quality of life. From being able to chew our food to confidently greet our friends with a smile, our teeth are very important and worth investing in. Orthodontics is a unique service that provides aesthetic and health services simultaneously. Having straight teeth not only make your smile more orderly, it ensures that you can chew with comfort for years to come. At Rogers and Andrews Orthodontics, we proudly serve our patients with world-class care. We can handle orthodontic situations of all different kinds. At the end of the day, we just want to make your life better. Contact us in Augusta to learn more about our services and in-house payment plan!

  1. Common Orthodontic Terms: Your Glossary

    We are going to shift gears in today’s blog! Where typically we might write about overcoming your fear of going to the orthodontist, modern alternatives to traditional braces, or what our new patients can expect from our local orthodontist office, today’s blog is a bit out of the ordinary.  To be clear, it’s not exactly zaney; it’s probably best described as practical and educational. Yes…Read More

  2. What color of braces should I get? A Helpful Guide

    Braces are a common and very necessary part of orthodontic health for many people. However, getting the bands put on is a big commitment, and it can be challenging to know what color will look best with your appearance and smile. Orthodontists are used to receiving this question, but the experts at Rogers and Andrews Orthodontics know the answer!  In this guide, we’ll discuss a few easy ways yo…Read More

  3. The Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment In Kids

    In our last blog post, we took the opportunity to highlight a few of the main signs your child might need braces or other orthodontic treatment in the future. While we’d encourage you to go back and review that blog (with its snazzy infographic) in its entirety when you get the chance, the long and the short of it is that early intervention is the key to success for many common orthodontic probl…Read More

  4. Signs Your Child Might Need Braces In The Future

    Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics is the top pediatric orthodontist in Augusta for more than one reason, but perhaps none of them stand out more than the fact that we put our patients first in everything we do.  We’ve helped handcraft over 15,000 smiles since our founding in 1973. But it’s not the volume that’s truly important to us — it’s the fact that we’ve been able to help so many…Read More

  5. Tips To Improve Your Family’s Dental Health, Part Two

    We are back with part two of our mini-series on some simple and easy ways to improve the oral health of you, your family, and pretty much anyone you feel like relaying these suggestions to. As a reminder, some of these tips might be a touch elementary, but, as we said in part one, just give yourself a pat on the back if you already know and practice the vast majority of these tips.  Now, if we we…Read More

  6. Tips To Improve Your Family’s Oral Health, Part One

    At Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics, our goal is to provide a caring environment while administering excellent, affordable orthodontic treatment at our Augusta orthodontic office. Over the years, Dr. Andrews and our staff have treated over 15,000 patients and more than 100 different dental family members in Augusta, Thomson and elsewhere closeby.  Since 1973, our passion has been to provide indi…Read More

  7. Why Choose Rogers & Andrews As Your Augusta Orthodontist?

    Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics is the best orthodontist in August and Thomson. Sure, we are biased, seeing as how this is the official Rogers & Andrews Orthodontics blog, but that doesn’t mean we are wrong!  Because we undoubtedly have a horse in this race, we are making it our mission in this blog to convince any prospective patients who might be reading this of our many qualities. Yes,…Read More

  8. A Brief History Of Modern Orthodontics

    Earlier this month, we took a break from our regular programming so we could highlight the history of our field, orthodontia. Inevitably, we bit off more than we could chew in a single blog post, so we had to cut the history short. Instead of writing 2,000 odd words about the complete history of orthodontics, we elected to separate ancient and medieval practices of dentistry and orthodontia into o…Read More

  9. The Braces Basics – A Primer For Parents!

    While some kids are thrilled by the prospect of adorning their teeth with metallic brackets and wires, others are less enthused about how they will appear and/or how their lifestyle will be affected once they get braces.  As a parent, what should you know before talking with your kids about getting braces? Or, better yet, how do you tell if your children need braces in the first place? Regardless…Read More

  10. A Brief History Of Orthodontia

    Let’s be honest: we’d be surprised if many of you out there who are reading this post have ever given more than a thought to the history of orthodontia. Now, we might be wrong about that, especially considering the fact that you have made your way to this very blog. Still, our hunch is that the majority of our readers will have happened upon this blog more than seeking it out in some kind of a…Read More